I Had to Make a Change to Get My Life in Order Again

I had no idea that I would one day be so depressed that I would often not show up to work and soon be fired. As a young person, I was happy-go-lucky and did not have a care in the world. But the older I got, the more life became so much more confusing to me. Someone I know recommended that I see a life coach in San Francisco that he had been seeing. He told me that it would change my life. I had no idea that such a person out there existed, but I was ready to try anything.

I had a pretty good job. A job that paid me well, and I really enjoyed it. I had worked hard to move up in the company. I wanted to be an executive, and that is what I aimed for. After working with the company for 7 years, I was promoted to district manager. Continue reading “I Had to Make a Change to Get My Life in Order Again”

Professional Tech Recruiters Got Us out of a Personnel Bind

I needed an innovative and very savvy highly trained electronics expert to work in our development lab. I had a guy just up and leave for a startup who gave him a pair of rose-colored glasses. Well, they did not really do that, but it sure seems like they did due to how he viewed their offer. We are in the middle of developing a new product for our company, and we had a key person quit. I took a chance on him even though he did that to someone else. This time I hired tech recruiters to not only find me great talent, but to find someone who was stable and had the temperament we were looking for in an expert.

You could have a genius working for your company. It could be someone that has innovative ideas that are absolutely brilliant. Continue reading “Professional Tech Recruiters Got Us out of a Personnel Bind”

Starting My First Job in Atlanta

I got out of college a couple of months ago and I have found a job working for Fulton County. It was not exactly what I was looking for, but it is a job that I could get and so I figure that at the least I am going to end up with something that I can put on my resume. Right now I am looking at one and two bedroom apartments in Sandy Springs. If it is possible I am going to try to find someone else that I can rely upon to be my roommate. It would be a whole lot better if it was a girlfriend, since that way you could split the rent on a single bedroom place. Of course my girl is in Charlotte right now and the chances are that she may stay there longer than this relationship lasts. It is not that long of a drive, but doing it every single weekend is going to get old pretty quick. Continue reading “Starting My First Job in Atlanta”