How To Setup Your Onsite SEO For A Woocommerce Site

One of the great advantages to using WordPress + Woocommerce is your ability to use free plugins to make sure the site is up to date SEO wise. This video shows you how to do just that. More info at

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7 thoughts on “How To Setup Your Onsite SEO For A Woocommerce Site
  1. Vancouver SEO Expert

    Know nothing about editing the php files. I like the xml sitemaps the most with this plugin. It's also a good idea to have a link to your sitemap file from your homepage. I normally put that in the footer.

  2. Eos Vessels

    Also, this seems to affect the whole site–I plan on running a pretty active blog with my ecommerce site–is this something I should not do then?

  3. Eos Vessels

    Hi there, My XML site map doesn't seem to load…what can I do about that? Also, my header.php file does not have the same format–do I need to make this change?


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